Yum. I obviously have no understanding of the word 'excessive', because making 66 crispy cakes is totally normal. Right?

I'm going to a party on Saturday, yay! One thing I'm worrying about this party is the fact that as my friend lives in the middle of nowhere, everyone tends stay overnight, which means tents. Which means sleeping flat on the ground. Which means me coughing until someone cracks and suffocates me. This'll be interesting...

In other boring-ness, my appetite. I'm one of those picky people who gets hungry and yet there's nothing you can think to eat, which proves a problem as if you miss the meal, you're bound to loose weight and its not something I'm aiming at right now. Plus the fact that if I miraculously find something I want, it just sits there and I don't really want it anymore. Its driving me insane so I really really need to find some heavily calorific food, and to also build up my appetite again. The last thing I want is to give a reason to the dietitian to say 'I told you so' or even suggest a feeding tube again (which wouldn't go down lightly which is why I'm trying to gain weight for the safety of everyone at clinic.)

I'm feeling quite antsy about the make-a-wish thing. Tres exciting, I know :D. So obviously I can't wait till they've decided and when the whole thing happens. I think they may have said that its at least a month to contact the charity and for them to decide, so maybe it'll be all decided by the time the summer holidays start (Although mine start early due to my last ever year at school and we all leave a month before everyone else, haha!)


Christy said…
There is something about that photo of the crispy cakes that makes me happy.

Oh, and what is a crispy cake?
MBNAD woman said…
Lovely - can I come to tea?
Heidi said…
NICE JOB! I LOVE the header!!

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