Thursday, 9 April 2009

Prophecy girl.

Right. On to the good stuff which I'm sure is the only reason you're paying attention right now. Make-a-wish. Like I mentioned last time, you make 3 wishes. I had only thought of one originally (A shopping spree :D) so choosing something for the other two was difficult, and whilst those ideas were great, the shopping one was defiantly my number one idea. (And hopefully I'm not coming off too brat like here.) The two women who came over to ask me stuff were really nice and funny, which made it basically like a girly chat, even though my parents were sitting right there. Like I said, I liked the idea of shopping in Oxford street and gave two other ideas which everyone helped with, and they'll send the info off to the charity. They try and get you wish number 1, although sometimes they have to do an alternate wish. I'm so giddy right now.

And now we get to the Cipro part. I think it may be doing something to my appetite again. (Nooo! *Cries, wails, and gulps down several of my special 'Fortijuice' drinks in the attempt to become the lard arse I really should be*). Nearer the beginning of the Cipro course (In other words, my previous post) I said I was coughing, possibly even more (Is that possible?!) and one morning, whilst choking for breath, half awake, I felt like something was constricting my breathing, like having an elephant sitting on my chest, as I so aptly put it.

So far, the Cipro has worked a little bit, but my lungs are ignorant little shits who refuse to listen and continue to make me cough till my eyes bug out and I've gone purple. But at least there's still about 6-7 days left. I'd give you a more accurate number, but I'm comfortable and all my medication sits happily on the kitchen bench. All crammed together and kept tidy by a lid-less lock-n-lock box. The rest of my medicine stuff (Mainly re-fills and bits and bobs for my IVs) sits on the top shelf in a cupboard, filling another box, similar to the size of what you'd put a cake in, or maybe just an over-sized lunch box. That, my friends, is the down-low of my medication storage. Oh wait... there's also half a cupboard full of Colomycin (For my nebuliser) and my big box of Tobi (Also my Nebuliser) hogs one of the sections in the fridge, which my Fortijuice bottles grudgingly share.

In 3 weeks it'll be IV time again. I wish that woman Doc had listened to me in the first place. I feel like the IVs I've just had (and didn't work) just put a load of strain on my body for no reason. If you remember about the part where I got 'Flu-like symptoms' from the little bugger that was Meropenem. Actually 'little' is a bit of an understatement if you saw that picture of the 'bubble' of medicine.

There was something I wanted to mention. I have a medical alert necklace (As bracelets just fall right off my stupidly skinny wrists). I've had it for a couple of years but I've never had it engraved, I've never got round to it and either way, I have no idea what to put. Or who to go to. Who does engraving for medical alert bracelets? The watch repair and key maker in the shopping centre? I really should start wearing it though. It'd be pretty scary if something happened and I wasn't with anyone who knew about my CF.

And finally... Is it strange that I've had one or two transplant dreams, even though lung transplant hasn't been mentioned as a course of action for the time being? I know my lungs are doing better than those who are listed (How the hell do you do it everyday?!) so *touch wood* it won't be mentioned for a long time. But I have read so many stories and can't help but wonder, what it would be like to breath, run and laugh and not get out of breath or worry about a coughing fit. In my dream, I've already had the transplant and woken up, and I'm able to walk around. So I go on a walk with one of my oldest friends, just around the hospital, and all of a sudden I start crying, realising that we've been walking for about 30 minutes and not once have I coughed or gotten short of breath. It just seemed so real and all I can hope is that its one of those freaky prophetic dreams about the future. Cause if it happened, that would be cool. Actually, probably verging beyond awesome.

I have a friend who is completely into the whole horoscopes and how dreams have meanings thing, so I told her about the dream and we went on a dream meanings site to find out if it meant anything. Do you know what it said... 'To dream that you have an organ transplant suggests that an aspect of yourself is worn out.' Well I never(!) It didn't specify any organs, so I tried 'Lungs' and found this... 'To see lungs in your dream, symbolize insight, creativity, and inspiration. Alternatively, lungs may indicate a stressful situation and refer to a relationship/situation in which you feel suffocated.' Which proceeded to give me the nightmarish mental image of people dreaming about a giant pair of lungs running about.

Sometimes I just don't think I'm normal.

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Claire said...

The mumborg is at home now and on IV's, which are so much more time consuming than I ever thought, plus I have tripped over the IV stand several times daily, it is out to get to me :)

Just asked the mumborg about the medic alert bracelet, she has one. Its £15/20 a year if you actually use medic alert Medic Alert .

On my diploma course we have done a wee bit about dreams and maybe because you have been thinking about wishes lately, the idea of a transplant has popped into your subconscious mind? or not, its just a thought.

I think your more than normal, verging on awesome :)

Plus sign me up for that marathon when you do it :)
Saw this site and thought of you
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