Saturday, 16 April 2011


^^^ inventive title of the century here...

I realised after I published my previous post that I never mentioned how clinic went on Monday. Annnnd my weight went up almost 2kg in 6 weeks :D

I think it had something to do with drinking both a fortijuice, an enshake, and having my lunch, a packet of crisps and basically everything chocolately in the house within the space of three hours before my appointment. But it worked, and now I've got the task of doing that every time I'm off to hospital to make sure that it stays up. My weight has been around 42kg for a bit now which is taking the absolute piss, cos when I had my PEG in, about 2 1/2 years ago I made a deal with the dietitian that if I got from my current weight (about 42kg back then too I think) to at least 44kg within a few clinic appts she'd let me have my PEG taken out. And tbh I was determined to do it cos I hadn't actually used the thing for at least a year. So when I got my weight up to the highest it's ever been, 46kg, all on my own with no PEG, I was thrilled and determined to keep it there. But in the 6 months or so I've had crappy times and feeling like general shit so my weight dropped and those really difficult 4kg just disappeared.

It's so hard having a target weight cos when you get your act together, and it all piles on, you get about halfway and then just seem to stick! And then the other half just seems so impossible to put on, despite the fact that you drink every suppliment going, eat so much junk food, and basically live in the local burger king, mcdonalds, and various takeaways. I mean, shit, I went out on Thursday and had a curry with friends at weatherspoons for the curry night, and the amount of food they give you! Although I think I've probably lost half of the weight I gained from that curry from laughing for a solid 10 minutes at the popadoms.

Don't ask.

But seeing as coughing jacks up all the weight before you get to declare yourself obese, laughing and then coughing forever basically means I might as well have ordered a salad. But salads are disgusting and my chicken korma was lush. So it's not a difficult choice.

Oh and my lung function. I'm not sure what it was but I was knackered doing it, as per. I think it was good though. It better bloody be seeing as the IVs I had in hospital obviously caught me before I actually felt like death (i.e. when my LF likes to drop 25% in a month.. *grumbles*), therefore I'm hoping that it goes for the same as my LF itself - catching it before it drops silly amounts and keeps it stable at my nice normal numbers. Even if I never actually feel as well as someone who has an average 60-65% LF. Seriously. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at that sort of level I'm not meant to get pure knackered just walking up a flight of stairs... right?

Hmm. Oh well. I'm hungry now. I shouldn't have mentioned the curry, cos now I want it again.


Kerry said...

I really fancy a korma now!!!
Totally agree with what you said about the weight, as you know I needed to gain 2 stone, got half way and have now stuck!!! Also same thing happened with my old PEG I got my weight up loads to have it removed because I didn't use it, then gained weight afterwards but now it has all disappeared grrr!! x

Gem said...

WOOOO yay for 2kg! Hahaha I always stuff my face before clinic. I swear it's coughing that eats our weight! Apparently it's the "chronic infection" that makes it difficult to keep weight on (according to my dietician anyway!). BLAH!

I don't think lung function really plays a part in how knackered you get. I know one of my friends has a lung function of over 100% and shhe struggles to walk very far then another one with lung function of 30% who can complete the shuttle test! (jammy sod!)

Big love!

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