Monday, 18 October 2010

Not-so-nice comments.


Someone just had a go at me for my attitude and choice of language.

Funny thing is, this was taken through the hardcore route of the keyboard. I'd like to see them say that to my face.

It was a blog comment through that 'wellsphere' thing. I signed up ages ago and forgot about it. Basically, it publishes my blog entries on there as well as blogger. And this morning, it said I had a comment, which never happens, so I decided to check it out. It said this:

When I first saw your pic I thought you were a cute girl, right until I saw you prefer language suitable for the gutter.  May be your problems stem from an attitude that needs adjusting.  I personally don't feel compelled to offer advice to someone so immature and out of touch with the real world.  I wish you luck in the future.

Ooooh scornful(!)

It was on this blog post. I don't care what people think of my 'attitude' or the fact that I swear. I'm gonna swear if I want to and if you don't like it, I'm not forcing you to read my blog. So I'm pretty sure you know where the door is. Or the little cross in the corner.

Comments like these never bother me b/c I have the sense to be able to ignore it and realise that it's been written by some sad person who pretends they're hardcore, but in reality, they're hiding behind a computer screen. I really don't care on people's opinions on swearing. Besides, this is My blog to talk however  I want. If I wanted to type in french I would. Although personally, I do have limits. As in, I try to avoid swearing around old people or kids. (that one involves a funny story where me and my cousin were talking, and saying how something was shit. Then her 9 yr old sister stood up - she'd been lying on the floor and we couldn't see her over the bed - and walked out. Luckily she wasn't listening to what we were saying. But the second she stood up, and we noticed, we went 'oh fuck. CRAP!')

Anyway, this comment. I don't know what 'problems' they're on about. B/c that post was about coughing/needing IVs etc. So... do I have CF b/c I swear and I have an attitude? That'd be a new one.... Besides I've always thought how you need an attitude to live through all this shit. And am I really 'out of touch with the real world' and 'immature'? To be honest, I don't give a fuck. Maybe I am living in my own reality. But I'm surviving here just fine.

So do one.


Lucie said...

haha. Asshole. How can you get CF (assuming thats what your problem is?) from your "foul choice of language?"…and more to the point, whos blog is this? Agherm. I rest my case/


Gem said...

MEGS!!! STOP FUCKING SWEARING!!!!!!!!!! That is all :D xx

Sophie-Anne said...

Like u said mate, its your blog and if they dont like what they see, then thats not your problem. Its your choice to vent how u want (and we have every right to moan!!) so do it how you want...and FUCK them all :)

Gemma said...

At least you are real and true to yourself. Why pretend to be something you aren't and to be honest, blogs are there to take your shit out on!! I'm just a mum of a little one with CF and my blog posts sometimes verge on the aggressive side, so I actually think most of you guys and gals are quite restrained sometimes for what you deal with everyday!

Flick them the finger and move on.

Anonymous said...

I think you've earned the right and sacrificed enough to say whatever the hell you wish to say on YOUR blog. If it helps in some way to let some of it out by venting however you wish, then you are certainly entitled to do so. Go for it Megs and don't shy away. And I don't actually think you would anyway!!! Big hugs for you! xxx

MBNAD woman said...

oh dear ... if having a potty mouth makes you ill, I ought to have been in my sickbed for donkey's years.

Their problem, not yours.

Mad x

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