Saturday, 16 October 2010


Ok, ok, I know, I'm such a hypocrite. I've said so many times that I hate macs, mainly back when I was on the Saturday course at college, b/c they were new to me and I didn't know how half the stuff worked. Although I think half my annoyance was that there was a 15 minute limit on facebook and other sites like that. There's only so much enjoyment you can have out of photoshopping the death out of a few photos.


I have a mac book pro :D There's literally no space left in my room now.

I got it through disabled students allowance, so I got a bunch of lovely stuff which is meant to make my course easier, like the mac, a printer, the programmes I need (microsoft office stuff, adobe stuff -photoshop, reader, bridge etc- and lightroom) and shiz like that. Total and ultimate lining in feeling like crap all the time. This along with note takers (which I'm really greaful for but they're fucking dropping the ball big time by not turning up a lot) and taxis which I'm only paying the equivalent of public transport on, is definitley helping. I mean, it hasn't solved everything. Like me managing to develop my film wrong (apparently, although I'm sure it was just loaded wrong) resulting in a blank film and me needing to reshoot my entire project. Yeah there's no magical fix or cutting corners for that, so I still have to do as much as the average student.

Yeah it's tiring, it's exhausting, and I've only spoken to a couple of people. But I'm getting there. Sometimes I think way too seriously about just walking out and not looking back. And then I get to know another student and have a laugh on a photoshoot, and the world seems less pissy.

We'll see how it goes. In two years from now I really really hope I'll be looking at a shit photo of me holding my degree in one of those sad hats. Cos it'll mean that I did it.


Chandler said...

You got a free Mac book pro!!?? I'm jealous! I just bought an iMac and hardly ever use my PC anymore.

Lucie said...

YAYYYYY Meg! Were twins now! Yayyyy, the DSA are the biz. Btw what printet do you have? Im meant to be getting a printer for christmas for my Mac, but dont know which one to get. Recommend?

Love love x

MBNAD woman said...

Cool ... and we will all want to see the photos of your dressed up in the silly outfit.

Mad x

ro said...

Hi, apologies for just being some random stranger reading your blog, I hope that doesn't creep you out.

A couple of things: I really hope your notetakers have improved but if not maybe there are things you can do... are your notetakers other students (not on your course, but some students work as notetakers when they have free time) or are they professionals?? If you have other students, you may wish to request professionals as they professionalism (ie punctuality) may be better.
Have you talked to the disability support people or similar at your college? they may be able to help sort it out, or get better notetakers in for you. There should be space in your dsa budget for that.
My mum is a professional notetaker (electronic) so I've learnt a bit about this, though apparently some unis/colleges are a lot more lax n doing things properly than others.

You said you were using lots of money for printing. Sorry if I misunderstood and you're talking about photo printing or something, rather than just standard using your own printer for normal stuff. But you may well be able to get your dsa to cover printer paper and printer cartridges, so it shouldnt cost you. I know quite a few other students who've got that on their dsa so fingers crossed you could too...

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