Sunday, 3 October 2010

Cause a brighter star is on the way.

-Apparently my course is going on a trip to the biscuit factory
-My heart actually sank a little when I found out that it's an art gallery type of place that used to be a biscuit factory
-They really should change the name. I keep picturing people walking in, looking all excited, and then being totally let down when there isn't a biscuit in sight.

-One week into IVs, and Colo finally hit me.
-I was getting a tad suspicious when I wasn't walking into stuff or feeling like I'd been to the dentist cos of a numb face. But ah, it hit me on Saturday when I went out for a drink with some friends.

      -The most amazing thing (in my opinion) happened in Spoons though - When I bought a drink (Pimms, YUM!) I didn't get ID'd. First time that has ever happened.
      -And probably the last if we're honest...
      -I just keep wondering if he's a really slacking barman or if he saw me get served earlier by someone else, who did card me. 
      -In fact she took the piss on carding me and checked to see if my licence was genuine.

      -My hands feel horribly numb (Thanks colistin)
      -I've discovered that I write like a 2 yr old whilst on IVs due to hand-numbness not letting me properly hold a pen
      -So thank fuck for note takers
      -I would have noticed this earlier only I bearly picked up a pen to write anything for the last year and a half

      -I'm driving tomorrow, and I still love it as long as I don't make mistakes (cos then you panic and more mistakes follow)
      -Cos of my amazing talent to make it rain wherever I drive, I decided to do that 'walkers rainy day' thingy-ma-bob
      -(Y'know, where you choose a place in the UK, a date and morning, afternoon or evening, and if it rains on your chosen grid, date and time, you win a tenner)
      -I'm pretty sure I'll be cashing in. I chose Hexham on the map as I usually drive through there, and it's rained literally all (bar maybe one or two) lessons I've had.

      -And will someone PLEASE stop this goddamned cough!!

      -Also, Gem needs mendy-ness *Throws mendy-ness at her* Feel free to jump on the train soon stopping at 'finally feeling the fuck better' cos I'm hoping to be a passenger soon too :)

                I quite like making posts in bullet points. Stops me having to actually think and join each sentence together, so I can just randomly mention something and move on. My brains so tied up in college I can't even pretend to have the ability to string proper sentences together anyway.

                Plus, I like lists, cos they help me feel more organised. Something college is totally not letting me do due to the fact that we currently have 4 or 5 projects on the go at once. Yes, I would gladly throw my shoe at the tutor when they open up a powerpoint of yet another project. 

                ((Yes this was random, and yes I don't really give a fuck.))

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                Gem said...

                HAHAHAHA!! This post made me laugh so much!!! When the mendy-ness train gets to you, can you send it down my way please!!! :D Oh and the biscuit factory?! I would be VERY upset walking in and finding no biscuits! They need to fix that. Free biscuits for anyone who goes in! Sorted!!! Mendy-ness flying your way toooooo!!! xxx

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