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Update on moi.

Right then. I'm feeling a million times better than I was a week ago. There's still some pain at the base of my right lung when I cough or breath deeply, although I'm still on painkillers for another week or so. I've missed a load of school which means I don't get to doss around as much as everyone else in the coming weeks - yes they have written exams and I don't but I have to do the 15 hours of art to do which must be done at school and I have three lots of coursework to hand in, one lot which still isn't finished because I left my draft at school, and the teacher's notes on it were crap in the first place.

I also feel incredibly full after having a McChicken burger and a strawberry milkshake from McDonald's. Given the fact that my appetite went to a real low recently, I feel that deserves a pat on the back at least.

My O2 sats are still jumping up and down. My high point was yesterday when I got to 97% although it was only for a few seconds. They…

Live, from ward 52.

Well, maybe not live, seeing as I was released a few hours ago. But the two days I spent on that ward were... boring. It wasn't all just lying in bed and demanding pain killers, I had an ultrasound (twice, as I messed the first one having eaten before) to look for my gall bladder and an x-ray, plenty of blood taken from my arm and the mandatory, how to loose your dignity in 10 seconds MRSA test.

The ultrasound was to look and see what my gall bladder was up to - it was suspected that the pain I had could have been caused from gall stones. My Doc later said that there were no gall stones, and my gall bladder is just a slushy mess from having CF. What was/is wrong with me, is pleurisy (I knew it!) which has been a painful little fucker for the past 10 days. It reached unbelievable pain on Thursday, so I'll walk you through the fun parts

Thursday morning, getting everything ready for school, my Dad asks if I'm alright to go, seeing as I was knackered after walking the short 2…

Oh the pain.

I'm in mega mega pain.

Its in the same place I mentioned last post, down my right lung at the back and across the side. E-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e I breathe. Its sharp and tight and feels like my lungs are screaming in protest of me taking another breath. I went to the hospital for my appointment today, as we moved it forward from next Tuesday. My IVs were started and the Doc peered at me as I explained that this majorly hurts and for some effing reason neither paracetamol nor ibuprofen works. And its been like this non stop (with no exaggeration) since last Tuesday.

I don't even care that the IVs were put into two intermates. Ceftazadime and Colostin. Each in a (normal sized) bubble of its own which means that IVs will take the minimum of an hour to complete. But if it gets me better, I don't fucking care. I really don't, I just want to be able to breathe normally again without having to gasp in pain every 2 seconds (which hurts more). My sats are hopping through 86 to 95 and th…

The infection section.

I think I have another chest infection. I have officially lost count of the ones I have. So, anyway, the past few days, my right lung hurts when I breath (Or hiccup, oddly enough). Its more or less across my back, starting from the base of my neck to the last couple of ribs, and goes across to my side as well. There's nothing I can really do. I've just finished a 15 day course of Cipro, so I always find it weird how I get another infection whilst actually on antibiotics, but its an inevitable thing that you just have to get used to. I'll have to remember to tell the Doc when I go to clinic though, as no one deemed lung pain important enough to phone up and ask about it. Oh, and paracetamol didn't help, so I'm basically a calamity.

I'm coughing loads too which is confusing considering the Cipro, to the point of being out of breath, which I hate, although I did muster enough energy to do a full on assault to the majority of the floors in the house with the vacuum…


Yum. I obviously have no understanding of the word 'excessive', because making 66 crispy cakes is totally normal. Right?

I'm going to a party on Saturday, yay! One thing I'm worrying about this party is the fact that as my friend lives in the middle of nowhere, everyone tends stay overnight, which means tents. Which means sleeping flat on the ground. Which means me coughing until someone cracks and suffocates me. This'll be interesting...
In other boring-ness, my appetite. I'm one of those picky people who gets hungry and yet there's nothing you can think to eat, which proves a problem as if you miss the meal, you're bound to loose weight and its not something I'm aiming at right now. Plus the fact that if I miraculously find something I want, it just sits there and I don't really want it anymore. Its driving me insane so I really really need to find some heavily calorific food, and to also build up my appetite again. The last thing I want is to …

Prophecy girl.

Right. On to the good stuff which I'm sure is the only reason you're paying attention right now. Make-a-wish. Like I mentioned last time, you make 3 wishes. I had only thought of one originally (A shopping spree :D) so choosing something for the other two was difficult, and whilst those ideas were great, the shopping one was defiantly my number one idea. (And hopefully I'm not coming off too brat like here.) The two women who came over to ask me stuff were really nice and funny, which made it basically like a girly chat, even though my parents were sitting right there. Like I said, I liked the idea of shopping in Oxford street and gave two other ideas which everyone helped with, and they'll send the info off to the charity. They try and get you wish number 1, although sometimes they have to do an alternate wish. I'm so giddy right now.

And now we get to the Cipro part. I think it may be doing something to my appetite again. (Nooo! *Cries, wails, and gulps down sever…

Moments of win.

I went to clinic on Wednesday, and I saw the Doctor I prefer (Ken Lerner, anyone?) and, I have to say, that guy is defiantly a great doctor. Straight away, he figured that meropenem hadn't worked and that I need more IVs, although not right away. So I'm on a 15 day course of cipro (Yeah, again) in the hopes that it will help, and then I get more IVs on the 28th April. Anything to keep back the bucket load of infections that have a party in my lungs everyday.

Oh, I've just remembered that the last time I hit over 80% for PFTs was during October/November, and I was halfway through a course of Cipro (Well, that and the MRSA tablets, although I don't think they actually contributed in any way to the condition of my lungs). So maybe if I don't bitch about Cipro, it'll work again, and I'll be on a massive 'I've just done bloody awesome' high. This had better be soon too, as the last few nights I've been coughing non-stop, and feeling like theres …