Thursday, 1 November 2012

De ja vu, I've been here before

I've been treated to the joy of massive headaches again, a la last year when I got admitted twice (in total, for a week) with splitting headaches from low sats resulting in needing oxygen. Which also results in near decaptitation every time you forget you're attached to the wall and try and stray more than a foot from your bed.

It shouldn't happen this year though, I'm hoping. I've got a sats monitor and I know my 'normal' sats are around the 97 point, and at the moment they're around 93. I did have a particularly banging headache yesterday and checked them, and they were at 90, but it probably wouldn't have lasted for long as that was after a charmingly nasty coughing fit. Last year when I was admitted, one of the consultants basically left me with his closing words of 'Stop checking your bloody oxygen saturations' as he was convinced I was basically sitting in a corner repeatedly checking them and panicking at every number. The truth is I barely check my sats unless someone (usually my mum) asks what they are when I feel crap, or sometimes when I'm being particularly spacey (from oxygen deprivation, I'm not that dense normally, thank you) and have the attractive purple/blue nails and just look a general state, I'll check them just so I can use the excuse that looking this bad is from feeling that rubbish. The dark circles under my eyes from coughing all night are also very lovely...

Urggh, wish this headache would piss off kindly now though. It gets a little better after physio and nebs, but it's still there (and coughing like mad from hypertonic saline does make the headache worse, but it's worth the halfed headache for a bit afterwards)

Bit worried about how many spelling mistakes I've had so far, thank fuck for spell check!

Hopefully it won't last long though, after sticking my head out the front door repeatedly trying to get some extra fresh air. I especially have to be well for saturday as that's the bonfire night in hexham, and they always do an amazing firework display. I left my camera in the house last year so I'm determined to take it with me this time and get some decent photos. Fireworks are my archilies heel and I find them really difficult to get the settings right. It especially pisses me off when someone with their settings on auto, camera on a tripod and the best view on the field get some good shots, whilst I'm in the middle of the crowd with people elbowing me and messing up the one good photo I got.

Ah well. I'll leave you with a photo from my jaunt out yesterday, resulting in a new hole in my ear.

New piercing :D

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Gem said...

Feck =/ bastard lungs! IV time? I find that hanging head out the window helps the headache a bit. Can you add in more hypertonic saline nebs? I'm doing one every 2 hours at the moment to try and clear the stuff that insists on staying there regardless of increased physio and coughing non stop.

I love bonfire night. Fireworks are so hard to capture on film.

Your turtle earring is awesome! I'm contemplating getting the top of my ear pierced. I've always fancied getting my tragus done but I think it would hurt like a mofo.



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