Monday, 30 July 2012

Turning old

In four days, and counting.

I wish I could say that hitting the big ol' 21 would mean that people will stop poking my nose and my dimples, but I seriously doubt it, due to sod's law deciding to keep me stuck looking like I'm actually 12 and not in fact, 21. And no matter how many times people tell me I'll be grateful when I'm older and still get ID'd and get to act all flattered, at the moment, its SO annoying to have people stare at me incredulously because I'm the one sitting in the drivers seat of the car. Or maybe that's because they're a huge hypocrite who are giving me looks for parking in a disabled space with a valid disabled badge, whilst they're in the space next to me without a badge in sight.

I started IVs on Wednesday after phoning up on Monday to demand drugs, and they've already started to work considering I'm now managing sleep inbetween coughing fits, which are getting lesser by the day, win! Well, mostly, if you ignore the numb face and feeling like I'm high half the time, thanks colistin. Starting IVs was fairly uneventful, just sitting in a room slowly getting through several cups of tea courtesy of my lovely nurse, and a hell of a lot of boredom. I was even too bored to drip stand skate.

Now just to make sure they fully kick in within the two weeks to avoid a third week, and then, in the words of my nurse, I can drink for three reasons; one for my birthday, two because its her birthday soon too, and three, celebrating finishing IVs. I do like her style...


Gem said...

Hahahahaha the poking your nose and dimples thing made me laugh! I hate people saying to me "you'll appreciate it when you're older". Pfft.

Oh and you better hit the town hard celebrating. Wish I could be up there with you. We'd probably end up getting arrested if that were the case though...



P.S. the robot detector thing you have to enter before you can post is making me enter the word "foreplay".....

Gemma said...

LOVE your hair curly, really suits you!

And happy 21st for this week! As gem said you better celebrate well when your ivs are over it's the law or something :)

Fingers crossed you escape your third week!

Take care x

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