Friday, 5 November 2010

College, boredom, and a potentially broken nose.

Boredom. Naturally. So obviously we toss about with the webcam on my mac :D

I should probably explain the broken nose thing first. It's most likely not broken (lack of black eyes is a bit obvious) but it seriously hurts, still, and there is actually a bruise but its just faint and across the top of my nose. With my inability to clearly bruise much, it tells you that I've had a hard thump to the face. And erm... how it happened is a bit ridiculous. I was lying on the floor, as you do, and the foot stool was in the way so I went to move it. Cept I sort of caught it instead and it fell on my face. Those corners hurt. 

I still feel like crap unfortunately b/c this stupid cold has done a number on me and now I'm basically back to where I started before IVs a few weeks ago. IVs which I had to have b/c of a cold. Fucking typical, but such is my life. We phoned the Dr b/c having hemos and coughing all night aren't really my favourite hobbies, and he said as it's too soon for IVs, it's Cipro or nothing, as cipro is apparently the only thing, without resorting to IVs, that will work on my pseudo. B/c I never see the point in cipro, it jacks up my appetite (and I'm eating next to nothing b/c of feeling like shit, so I'm not risking loosing what I've still got) I feel like crap whilst on it and once it's finished, I go back to how I started, if not get worse b/c it's done nothing in the first place, when my dr suggested cipro, I said no. No one will fucking believe me when I say how crap I feel on it, how useless it is and how I loose my appetite on it (despite that being a listed side effect) and as those stupid little tests show I'm technically still sensitive to it, they're gonna keep suggesting it till the cows come home. And I'll keep refusing it b/c I'm not wasting my time.

Basically the gist is, it was cipro or nothing. So I got nothing. That stupid hospital won't treat me. It's not my fault that cipro doesn't work, or how last time on it I ended up feeling so crap I never left my room for a few days. I don't know what it'll take for the dr to believe me on anything I say, I'm doubting he ever will. Pretty sure he thinks I'm lying about the chest pain b/c when it's mentioned, there's just this look he gives me that seems to say 'Seriously? You're still going on about that?'

It's so typical really, I changed from paediatrics to adults sooner than I had to so I could get away from bastard drs (I hated my paed drs with a passion, and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual) and I'm basically in the same position now. I'm trying to change consultants as I know theres two others. But no one will let me. Fucking sucks...

Ok rant over.

College is going really good now I've gotten used to it and managed to sort stuff out the best I can. The newest project we've started (they're still having us do several at a time) has us taking photos based on low lighting. One of these photos has to include the 'painting with light' technique, and nothing is more fun. Seriously. You just jump around like an idiot with a torch (or glowsticks and car lights, basically anything you can make light trails with) whilst the camera is on a slow shutter speed, and you get some seriously cool effects.

Too cool. Funnest project I've done so far. Plus it's on digital which makes it better, as you can see the result straight away rather than when you're using film and have to develop it first. I've done a lot of film. We've used 35mm, medium and large format, so we're basically covering everything. It's weird to think we started about a month and a half ago, and we're onto project number 6, and then each project has all this stuff attached - we have to do PPD AD101 which includes stuff like safety reports, 500 word evaluation per final photo (some projects are more than one photo) contact sheets, cost breakdown, etc etc. And then we also have history, and as well as that, we have visits to places where we have to write a 500 word report on each too. Busy, yes. But I don't mind it (until deadlines loom...) and I have a laugh with my friends there. I know I freaked out entirely when I first started but that was b/c I had no idea what I was doing, there was a lot more work than I realised and things like my note takers were screwed up so I had no idea what was happening half the time. But that was then. This is now.

Funny how things can change in a short amount of time.


Kiz said...

I dont think ur nose is bigger. I think ur heads shrunk and the nose forgot to join the party

Gem said...

Helloooooooooooooo. I just felt like leaving you a bloggy comment... I actually love your photo's! I'm so awful at taking photographs.

Ok over and out

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