Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Radio silence.

Woops. Forgot about this a tad.

Right then. I had a hosp appt on Monday, which I went in to with the full intention of if I was going to be given cipro, I'd source out the nearest crackheads and sell it to them. Luckily it wasn't prescribed (and I jumped onto my whole trail of reasons why I won't-go-near-the-damn-stuff-ever-again before it was even suggested.) So IVs it is. Brill. B/c they weren't started immediately and they're scheduled for the 3rd Dec, I've just narrowly managed to score November as my first IV free month since June or something. I loose count how many times I've been on IVs. It's a narrow win, but a win none the less.

Given the fact that I've been on IVs so frequently compared to how I used to be, and how I keep catching colds (I'm blaming pred for probably interfering with my immune system therefore colds take the piss and take major advantage. I might be wrong but it's what I'm going with) you'd think that maybe they'd think about changing my IVs as clearly these ones aren't quite up to the job anymore. I suggested, he finds a third drug, and as I always have two drugs for IVs, he could alternate between say the second and the third drug every different round of IVs. Clearly I wasn't listened to again as the dr said 'Well the problem with Tobramycin is due to your hearing...' I stopped listening. For fuck sake, I didn't mean go back on the drug that has pretty much destroyed my life, go use one of the other bloody drugs! I don't understand why they find it so fucking hard to listen to me properly! Ironic that...

Oh and my port went weird. They flushed it and when the nurse took the needle out, blood, everywhere. Gahhh. My port never bleeds back and rarely ever bleeds when you take the needle out so I was a bit 'woah' about that. I have no idea why that randomly happened but my port still works fine so it doesn't matter. The bruise right where the needle went in hurts like a bitch though.

College, in a word, is busy. I can't be bothered to go on about it. But lets just say that 2 months in, 9 projects and 6 essays later, I'm a lot more busy than I was last year. I suppose that's a slight disadvantage to being on the Saturday course all last year. We did about 6 projects in total, or something and they were so short, and pretty much consisted of a brief, sticking in the worksheets we were given, the final image, and an evaluation if you could be bothered. Oh we're supposed to be going to Barcelona in March. Which is about £230. Plus I need a passport. Yay, forms(!) I'm just looking forward to explaining my sheer amount of drugs to the Spanish customs. It's 3 days/4 nights so I might think about leaving my eFlow at home just to avoid the extra stress of them freaking out and thinking it's a bomb or something.

The Barcelona thing was quite unexpected - I knew we go somewhere in the second year (no idea where - students before us have been to London or New York) so it's pretty cool. Cept I can't remember any of my yr 9 Spanish. Frankly I'd be amazed if I could.

I think xmas holidays start on the 10th or the 17th dec (3 deadlines on the 10th, so I'm hoping it's then, and we're not back in for almost a month) If you're realllllly interested in the stuff I've been doing at college, I usually put up the photos on flickr [clicky here] I don't have everything on there - I forgot to scan my first project and a couple of projects are just a few essays (or 5). Trust me, you don't want to read them.

And um... yeah I think that's it. It's not been a very interesting radio silence.


Gem said...

Oh I've missed your bloggy-ness! I realised my neb looks like a bomb too.... I opened it on the train (I shoved my gloves in the bag) and the person next to me had a face of sheer panic! haha! Your drs are really starting to piss me off so god only knows how annoyed you are with them! That is one hell of a lot of work you've done there!!!

Huggings and these IV's better sort you out! xx

MBNAD woman said...

Just been catching up with your photographs. Smashing.

Also Barcelona is a very cool city.

Mad x

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