Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy

To me !!!! YAY!

Ok, so I don't feel any different. I wasn't expecting some huge magic *boom* or something when the clock hit midnight (not that it happens, but that would be cool). I've not been too fussed on turning 19. I still pass for 14 a lot which tends to take the piss. And I can't count how many times I've been ID'd this year and had them stare constantly at my license checking to see if it's fake. But I'm used to it and it's not fake so it's all good.

This year should be awesome though. Full time college, continuing to learn to drive, forming even more of an attachment to my camera (if that's even possible...) Yeah it'll be a good one.


Ruth Jay said…
it'll be a fab one!!

happy birthday :) xx
Gemma said…
Happy Birthday! Your last year as a teenager! xx
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to you from across the big pond (GA...USA)!!! 19 is a wonderful age and hope it's your best one yet! In a few years you'll be flattered to have someone check your ID. I Enjoy reading your post humor and escapades. Keep writing.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday ...
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! Hope you had a brilliant day and have a great year! I really like your blog ;D

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