Sunday, 17 May 2009

London, baby!

Yesss! I heard from Make-a-Wish on Saturday morning, and they said that they've agreed that I can do my first wish - to go shopping and see the sights in London. I'm quite excited, as you can imagine, but I've no idea what exactly is happening, or when. All I know is this:


Yeah, I'm one of those sad people who has never really travelled round England, yet alone abroad. I've been to various places in Scotland and Cornwall and a few places in Ireland, but London will (mainly) be for the shops. Oh yes. We also discussed things like going on the London Eye, which I immediately thought 'Ohh, good photo op!', and they also suggested seeing a show, although I said I'd rather not, as there's no point in spending money on seeing a show if I'm not going to understand them. I've been in many a dance show myself, due to the fact that I spent about 8 years learning Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz, and I was in a production of 'Annie' too, but I just cannot stand sitting watching a show. Its mainly to do with the crap hearing thing, and the fact that the few times I have watched a show, I've always had that unfortunate seat behind some 7 foot tall idiot, or the woman with the beehive hair 'do. Its actually the same when I go to the cinema. Seeing as I can barely understand what they're saying, I get restless and from now on, I'm considering only going to subtitled screenings. Unfortunately they don't do many. Damn.

So, this week, I get the joy of no school. Anyone else would have to turn up for the next week, to revise, but thanks to the fact that I have finished my coursework (yey!) my artwork (double yey!) and I have absolutely no exams this summer, I can start my study leave (and do no studying) as of last Friday, and I only have to go back to school next Friday, where its the last day for the year 13s. And because year 13's like to go out with a bang, there's usually a theme, to dress up with. This year, it's the 1990's.This'll be interesting...

I'm not looking forward to my clinic appointment on friday. I think I still have pleurisy, due to the fact I still have the pain at the base of my right lung, and a new one, down the middle of my sternum, which isn't there right now, but sometimes hurts when I cough or breathe deeply, and felt like someone had jabbed me in the middle of the chest with a pointy finger. I also have the damn continuous weight loss issue, and my appetite is still acting like a child. I have food in front of me that I love, and I just don't want it. There's nothing worth eating in the house, and I'm starving. I have yet to clear a plate of food these days, and its getting on my nerves. On Thursday, I struggled to eat an entire McChicken Burger, which usually doesn't last long. I think IVs and Cipro are to blame for this. Before I had Cipro the last time, I was doing OK, then my appetite when down, and it wouldn't go back. I thought IVs would help the issue, but no, its basically made it worse. I know people can loose weight when they're ill, but frankly, I'm taking the piss. There's probably some stupid psychological factor in there too, where I'm just looking for an excuse for my appetite. However, I have no problem gaining weight - It'd be great to wear my jeans and not have to faff about with a belt or have my Mum pointing out the fact that you can see my hip bones. Not to mention my skinny wrists and ankles.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have the double bill Lost season 5 finale to get to.


Princess Talana said...

A lot of theatres have assistive audio devices that is a wireless thing that will plug you into the actors and such... would that be something that you would be able to use?

And cipro totally kills my ability to eat too... ugh.

And about the 90's... easy... lol... I went to high school in the 90's! Lol! May I suggest the grunge look? All the rage in the mid 90's... and easy to pull off with a pair of holey jeans, a flannel and some band shirt. Oh and don't wash your hair... lol.

Heidi said...

Yeah for London!!!!!!!! That is fantastic! You better have your camera with you so we can share in your wish!

Gemma said...

Im going to London twice this year cant wait, im going to see dirty dancing on one of the trips. Its a shame you can't go to see them. I hope you have a great time!
I once went out dressed in a frankie says relax tshirt and leg warmers (and a skirt of course) but I think that might be the 80's?

MBNAD woman said...

Fantastic news. You have to do the Eye ... Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street. Just like the Monopoly board. Gotta go to Liberty just to enjoy the quirkiness of the design and the shop.
I'll leave it up to Alright Tit to give you advice on really cool shops.
And we'll all want photos. Lots of them!

Alright Tit said...

London baby! Right then: Carnaby Street, Kensington High Street, Westfield, Knightsbridge, Portobello Road (Saturdays). Do us proud, girl. x

Mish said...

Hi, Megan!

Mish here from the running blog ;-)

Firstly sorry to hear that things aren't going too smoothly at the moment, but hopefully that pred will get it under control! I really feel for you as obviously know what it's like to feel that your lungs are going out of their way to not work despite your best efforts. The only advice I can offer in terms of keeping sane throughout all this, which I'm sure you already know, is to be patient, look out for positive things no matter how small to keep you in good spirits, and talk it through whether it's blogging or to your mates ect.
In terms of exercising, as soon as you're well enough and your Dr says it's okay, I reckon cycling would be excellent. Yes, I do all sorts of gym stuff like stationary cycling, rowing, and elliptical plus weights to keep the fitness up without relying on running and risking injuries!
Thanks so much for your comment though, made me feel really proud. You can seriously do it too... it's just that obviously we have alot more 'in the way' of fitness than most. However you seem really dedicated and smart, so there's no reason why setting out to do say, 10 minutes a day of something gentle to start with and take it from there! Let me know how you get on and I'll always be totally up for giving you any tips or advice you might want!

Get better soon and good luck. You could contact me through forums too if you want, I'm there often!

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