Thursday, 7 May 2009

Like clockwork.

Pleurisy is an evil little bastard. I thought it had gone, at least to some extent - its still sometimes painful at the base of my [right] lung when I breath quite deeply, or hiccup. BUT... for the past two mornings, I have woken up at 5am in mega pain, quite like what I experienced on that fateful Thursday, and it pretty much follows the same routine, to the point of thinking that pleurisy runs on a script when it feels like kicking up a fuss, which involves waking up in pain around 5/6am and realising that I've still got till 7am till I have to be up for school so I can *attempt* to sleep through the agony cos I'm far too tired to attempt to reach for any painkillers.

Its plotting something. It just has to be. I have a feeling it may have something to do with the fact that I managed to finish all my coursework, hand it in, finish my final [exam] art piece and get started on my art display for the art corridor (All 6th form art students are given a section of wall to display their art work they have created through the school year).

Despite having a 15 hour art exam, which was the time given to create the final exam art piece, I finished today, with time to spare, and my teachers are quite pleased with the bag I made from scratch and allowed me with enough time of today to start my display, and be able to use tomorrow to continue with the wall (which would have been the last five hours for the art exam if I'd faffed about with it anymore). Even with a looming deadline like that (If you're not finished in the 15 hours, you're screwed, pretty much) on Wednesday, I left 20 minutes early so I could skip down to the library so I could print out my coursework. More than 70 pages worth, which took longer than I thought. And I almost missed my bus handing the damn thing in to the teacher because of her ridiculous demands.

This has been a very pleurisy/school related post. But there's nothing else to comment on. Aside from the fact that I still have a minimal appetite and get unpleasant coughing headaches quite frequently. But, my Mum has just made my favorite fish pie (when you compare this to the shop-bought stuff, well, my Mum's fish pie is Heaven on earth), bought some aero mousse yoghurts and a giant aero bar and made pancakes for tea, to ply me with calories, so yay :D

2 comments: said...

What's fish pie???


MBNAD woman said...

He doesn't know what fie pie is?? Can I come for tea at your house please?
Hope you're feeling better and well done for getting through the exam marathon.

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