Monday, 16 March 2009

Ivs of a gargatuan size.

Because if I'm gonna whine about it all the time, you may as well have a picture to go with it, right? And a bad photo of me. Well, I reckon you've got the gist of it now. This is the bugger that I'm attached to for about 3 hours each day (two doses about 1 1/2 hours each) and it gets on my nerves.

The old ones were half the size of this. I miss them. Even if I did gripe about them ones too. The picture shows the bubble about when it was just getting started. Ahead lies another 90 minutes or so of 'fun'. Haha.

Ah well, this wasn't meant to be a big post, just a picture of the 'thing that irritates me most in the world'. I've been wondering if I should post a picture of my port needle in action, although there's a white plastic cover over it so you don't see much, and no one likes to pull off that stuff unnecessarily.


Phoenix's Mom said...

I must tell you, I enjoy reading your blog. My son, Phoenix, will be 1 next month and has struggled with his CF. Thank you for sharing the ins and outs of CF and helping me to understand things from my sons perspective.

Piper said...

wow meg, that is HUGE! i totally get the complaining - if i had to do one of those suckers several times a day i'd be whining nonstop for sure. hope you feel better soon and that the cold you mentioned in your last post is going away!

MBNAD woman said...

Hey - you need to put "Own a really great handbag" on your things to do list. And then you could put this in it and you would just be cool. How about an Anya Hindmarch "be a bag" ?? That way you could design it too.
And I also saw that you said that one of the things to do was to make friends with people you wouldn't normally meet. Well, you have done that one already with your blog.
Keep well. x said...

Just wanted to stop by and offer up some encouragement...I remember when I was your age they had me do IV's at home and I hated it. Eventually though we figured out that they were more of a headache then they were worth so I would just be hospitalized instead.

Just keep up the good work and a positive attitude. This is a very important stage in your "CF Life"


Bree said...


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