Thursday, 19 March 2009

Cough drop, anyone?

I would never say that I have an eventful or exciting life. My current dilemma is a mixture of trying to find a nice background for my laptop, that I actually like (for more on my inability to make decisions, read any random post) a sore neck and coughing. Yeah the coughing one is probably the most irritating, and I'm finding it unbelievable that I'm still having those random, headache-causing, weird-look-getting, gut wrenching coughs even though I'm a few days off finishing my current IVs (hold the fireworks, ta). I know my coughing annoys everyone else. It makes random people peer at me when I'm sitting in the school library with my friends, it makes old dears on the bus or in the local shopping centre offer me a sweet (thinking it'll help, bless them) and it is sometimes even enough, at the hospital, for people to give me a strange look, as if an ill person in a hospital is absolutely barbaric (when they're the ones having a smoke outside the gates).

At least twice, recently, an old woman has commented on my cough. I'm usually on the bus or at the shopping centre when this happens, and they're staring at me like I'm a circus freak, with a smile as they tell me that I have a bad cough, don't I?! Thank you, captain obvious.

Hopefully I'll get rid of this sore-throat-from-coughing feeling soon, although if you even think physio, my lungs (the piss takers they are) hear you and start this uncontrollable urge to hack up everything they've got.

On Cf2chat, someone pointed out that a site promoting a vegan lifestyle had some mis-information about how children who are fed dairy or formula milk are at risk of having CF. After laughing at the stupidness of whoever the hell wrote that 101 reasons to be a vegan list, I was annoyed at the ignorance. So after several CFers sending messages 'to the author' they changed it. So now it says that if you have a vegan lifestyle (and presumably have CF) you will have fewer CF symptoms. This is still wrong, as a CFer who is a vegan isn't likely to be that healthy due to the fact that we need the protein and stuff that you get in milk, meat, and whatever else is considered wrong for a vegan to eat. As for number 48 on that list, I can't ever say that the 'unmasked, robust flavour of pizza sauce' has ever bothered me, and I can assure you, I definitely have eaten diary products as a kid. So, fancy a laugh, read this As for number 33, I can't say whether or not I've noticed if a vegan kid picks his nose less than a dairy fed kid.

2 comments: said...

Thanks for checking out my blog...just so you know the pain in my stomach has already gone away!

Does anybody ever say "bless you" when you cough? I get that all of the time.


Megan said...

I can't say I ever notice if they do - mainly due to tha fact that I'm really really deaf :P Mainly I just get the looks. The kind of looks that seem to say 'Shut up'.

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