Tuesday, 3 March 2009

IVs and Q&As.

I'm coughing so much right now its doing my head in beyond explanation. I keep having these random coughing fits that last several minutes.And they usually result in headaches, so... ow.

I'm half hoping that the Doc sentences me to IVs when I go to the clinic on Wed, as I can't take more coughing. I usually have two different antibiotics in my IVs, one or both is usually in a push syringe and the other, if it isn't in a syringe, is in one of those bottle things. The thing is called an 'intermate' or something to that effect, although I don't think I've ever given it a name. I just call it IVs. If you know the bottles I'm on about, they have a really long but thin tube from the bottle to where it connects to the IVs and I always swing it about. And hit myself, usually in the head or back of the knees, but its still fun. I tried finding a picture but I can't think of the proper name. Damn. Anyhow, back onto my story. Last time I was on IVs, they gave both of my antibiotics in the bottles, and as these things are automatic, and go through themselves with no way to speed them up or slow them down, it took around three hours for the two bottles to go through. So this time I'm gonna ask if I can have both in syringes. Partly as my friend is having an 18th, and I'm um-ing and ah-ing on whether I should go, as parties and IVs don't make the best of friends, but if my IVs were all in syringes, I could disappear for 5 minutes, do my IVs and reappear. If its in one of the bloody bottles, I'm not hanging onto that thing for an hour, at a party. Half my friends know about my CF, but most of them have never seen my IVs in action.

Now, because Cindy has just done a Q+A on her blog, and said it would be cool if other CFers did it, I'm telling everyone its fine and dandy to ask any question you like, and I'll answer them in my next post. If you don't fancy writing the question in the comments, just email me (my email is in the right side bar). Have fun.

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