Friday, 24 October 2008

Crap expectations.

After starting this blog, I admitted to myself that I don't really have too much to write about, unless you want to hear about how my day at 6th form went. Haha. But this week, I've got a few things that have pissed me off and deserve a rant.

First of all, on Wednesday, I managed to get food poisoning. That is the last time I ever buy food from an open salad bar type thing. So Thursday morning, feeling absolutely like crap, (skipping a few gory details, I'm not really one who talks about that much) my dad and mam say I should go to the hospital, in case this is some bad chest infection. So, off we go to the hospital and the doctor fishes out my test results from when I was last there (appointments every 6 weeks, the joy) and comes back in the room to say, yes I do have a chest infection, although the food poisoning is just food poisoning, nothing to do with the infection. But, she also says that I have MRSA. What?! I thought that was for old people confined to hospital who have the Grim Reaper twiddling his thumbs in the seat next to their beds (cuz he's such a patient bastard). I never thought I'd get it, although after finding more about it, you can get it if you take a lot of medication, constantly (raises hand) is often in hospital (and again) and have an illness which you are subseptical to infections (need I bother saying it). Not fun. The few of my mates who I told at first thought it was a very poor joke. Sorry guys, I'm really not joking.

I was happy to know healthy people can't get MRSA, and if they do, it just stays on the skin, harmless to them, although they should wash their hands if they see a sick person. Obviously.

So I'm now on two more tablets to my lovely cocktail I already take. And they're the size of fecking bricks. Really. I think they have a bet on at the pharmacy to see how big the bloody tablet will be before I do choke. Well, they've got to do something to while away the long hours.

I've also got this weird stomach muscle near my right hip, that, when I've got a new chest infection (translation, when I'm coughing like a loon, non-stop) it comes back again, and it feels like I've got a mammoth sized stitch that just won't go away. My mum thought it was a hernia at first. You should have seen my face then. Shitting a brick probably didn't quite cover it. But alas, no, its not a hernia that can be fixed with a nice quick surgery (although there's nothing quick about surgery for me, I get so oxygen deprived I usually get the joy of an extra few nights in the damn place) its a bloody stomach muscle that won't go away and will come back every time I have a naff chest infection that is a right cocky bastard and refuses to bugger off. Ow pretty much covers it if I have to walk more than 20 feet.

Try as I might, I just can't sound interesting. So I'll just aimlessly wander off. Besides, Mock the Week is starting, and I bloody love that show..

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