Sunday, 9 December 2012

Catching my breath

Or at least attempting to.

I don't know if it's cause of the weather or cos my shit excuse for lungs start having a tantrum two weeks after finishing IVs because they're blatant IV drug addicts.

Basically, the crack is that I keep getting out of breath. Doing nothing. It'd be understandable if it was after walking for ages or after a huge coughing fit etc (Which happens anyway) but my god, this is really pissing me off. I can just be sitting watching tv and all of a sudden I'm out of breath and can't slow down my breathing or take a deep breath at all. It's so bloody annoying as I was hoping these IVs would have lasted me till at least christmas. I'm already coughing all night and waking everyone up again, and there's nothing I can do about it. I've got a clinic appointment on the 21st so I don't know what they'll say then. I don't want IVs over xmas, and I can't take Cipro as it doesn't seem to do much, and also destroys my appetite so I literally don't eat the equivalent of one meal a day cos it's that bad. I'm on tobi nebs this month so I'm hoping that might help some. Not that I actually notice any difference when doing my nebs, but I'd rather not notice a difference rather than not do them and potentially feel worse.

It's still fucking stupid.

I'm obviously in a right grump about this but I think it's justifiable to be pissed off about feeling shite when you've literally just finished IVs.

Blah nothing else to say except to bitch about my lungs. I'm sure if I could get out and do more walking it would help, but its minus degrees outside, icy, and even wearing a massive hoody, coat, gloves and the like still don't fend off the freezing temps. So I'd rather not add either a chest infection or a cold to the joy that's happening so far.

Hopefully this will go away on its own (and cos of nebs, physio and whining about it daily) and if I don't get off my arse to post again before xmas, hope everyone has a good holiday spending time with their friends/family/various cats


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Gem said...

Feckkk =/ Dude moan away! The cold just sends lungs into complete spaz mode. I'd stay hibernating if I were you! Ice + Megs = injury.

Would it be worth adding in an extra HTS treatment mid-afernoon ish to try and shift more crap?

It sounds like your puffers are throwing a hissy fit from the cold. Can you pinch a puff of your sisters blue asthma inhaler? It's worth a shot and could help with the random breathless-ness. It's an awful feeling suddenly feeling breathless. I'm exactly the same at the moment

Lovelovelove xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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