Saturday, 12 November 2011

Procrastinating like a pro

Why can't I just seem to get on with it and get my work experience sorted out?! It's only for a week but the fact that we were given no specific date (other than it has to be completed by xmas) and we have to go around and try and find a photographer who will put up with a student following them around for the whole time, I'm finding it so hard to just get on with it. I have two names of photographers and I don't want to send emails as other people have done the same with different photogs and they either take their time getting back to you or don't at all - which means phoning. Which means I have to ask someone else to do this for me and everyone else procrastinates to and I'm continually told 'why don't you just email them instead?' Err cos I've put this off long enough and it needs to be sorted sharpish.

~~ rant over, haha!

Other than this whole hoo-ha, I'm back to normal after the whole sats ridiculousness, and can't wait for these IVs to be over. The only bonus is that I don't do my abx nebs as everyone agrees that IVs are strong enough and you don't need to do abx nebs too - I still do my HTS though obv. I had a very longggggg discussion about whether I need a neb when I was in hospital as the nurses just got so confused with me and for some reason had my colistin down as a neb. Whilst I was waving the intermate bubble full of colistin in their face and explaining 'no, I have it as an IV, I don't need a neb' and this was followed by lots of 'oh so no neb, just an IV. You have colistin as an IV right?'

Yay frustration! I'm quite annoyed with myself really, I manage to stay out of hospital for yearsssss and then I get admitted three times this year, twice within two weeks. Definitely staying out of there as long as humanly possible; I don't see the point in me going in as I do at home exactly what I'd do in hosp, except have decent human contact and not need people to travel a 30+ minute journey and argue with parking spaces and ticket machines just to see me (which incidentally makes me feel really bad). The only time I actually shut up and deal with being in hosp is if its cos they have what I don't at home, i.e. oxygen. That said, I still complain constantly :P

I don't really have anything else worth saying but I thought I'd get back into the bloggy-ness and start sharing irrelevant stuff like this again :D

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Gem said...

Oh yay for not having to do nebs whilst on ivs!!! I still have to do all of mine =/

I think work experience is really difficult to organise. I was really lucky that my old school were so accepting but it's a big ask of employers to take some time out to talk you through things and get you involved! Some of my friends have had no answers from ringing or e-mailing people either so it's definitely not just you. You'll get something I'm sure :D

Lovelovelove xxxxxxxxxxx

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