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Radio silence.

Woops. Forgot about this a tad.

Right then. I had a hosp appt on Monday, which I went in to with the full intention of if I was going to be given cipro, I'd source out the nearest crackheads and sell it to them. Luckily it wasn't prescribed (and I jumped onto my whole trail of reasons why I won't-go-near-the-damn-stuff-ever-again before it was even suggested.) So IVs it is. Brill. B/c they weren't started immediately and they're scheduled for the 3rd Dec, I've just narrowly managed to score November as my first IV free month since June or something. I loose count how many times I've been on IVs. It's a narrow win, but a win none the less.

Given the fact that I've been on IVs so frequently compared to how I used to be, and how I keep catching colds (I'm blaming pred for probably interfering with my immune system therefore colds take the piss and take major advantage. I might be wrong but it's what I'm going with) you'd think that mayb…

College, boredom, and a potentially broken nose.

Boredom. Naturally. So obviously we toss about with the webcam on my mac :D

I should probably explain the broken nose thing first. It's most likely not broken (lack of black eyes is a bit obvious) but it seriously hurts, still, and there is actually a bruise but its just faint and across the top of my nose. With my inability to clearly bruise much, it tells you that I've had a hard thump to the face. And erm... how it happened is a bit ridiculous. I was lying on the floor, as you do, and the foot stool was in the way so I went to move it. Cept I sort of caught it instead and it fell on my face. Those corners hurt. 

I still feel like crap unfortunately b/c this stupid cold has done a number on me and now I'm basically back to where I started before IVs a few weeks ago. IVs which I had to have b/c of a cold. Fucking typical, but such is my life. We phoned the Dr b/c having hemos and coughing all night aren't really my favourite hobbies, and he said as it's too soon …