Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Quel est le point!?

I never understand why, after I've had an impressive coughing fit, people, namely my friends or nosey as hell teachers, ask if I'm OK, or if I need a drink.

First off, half the time the coughing fit is because the water goes down the wrong way (constantly!!) but when I'm really coughing, everyone stares at me like I'm a complete loon, but A) its not my fault, and B) if I could stop it, I honestly, honestly would. But every time, someone will ask 'Are you OK?', and I'm sick of giving the exasperated response of 'Yeah' as I can't be bothered to go into it and they know perfectly well, that its a ridiculous question anyway.

At the moment I'm attempting revision (And failing!!) as I've got A2 level exams in January that I need to pass so that I can get high enough grades to get into college. That is, if they ever send me an offer. We have to send our forms through a site called UCAS now, as its all done there and you can apply for multiple courses/colleges. UCAS still hasn't sent my form through yet, even though I sent it off more than a week ago. I need to know! I can't stand the suspense! The exams I'm taking are for Health and Social Care, and as Art doesn't have any written exams, I usually end up with about 5 less exams and everyone hates me while tearing their hair out with revision for another two or three different subjects (H+SC is a double, it counts as two subjects).

So, college. I'm applying to Newcastle College, which has its own art building, and I want to do photography. It’s the only thing I have EVER considered as a job in my life. And that was only a year ago or so. It’s so weird, but if we'd never been given the offer at a place called Venture Photography for that photo shoot and photos, I probably never would have thought of photography. But I've come to realise I love it.

The handy thing about applying to Newcastle is that it's only a 30 minute drive from my home, so I can live at home and not have to pay an extra 6 grand a year to live on campus. Plus, Newcastle is where I go to hospital, as it’s got its own chest clinic with CF nurses and Doctors. I guess I was lucky to automatically be living relatively near a CF hospital before I was even born.

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