Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Blog name change

Trying to change the blog title of this as I'm just sick of 'sixty five roses'.

I know a lot of people like it as its a more innocent way of saying 'cystic fibrosis', but it's so generic and over used, so I'd like something more unique, and hopefully a bit more me.

Unfortunately I have the creative capacity of a teaspoon, so I'm struggling. It takes me ages to think of a decent summing up title for a simple blog post, so this is impossible!

Any suggestions on a post card welcome!!

1 comment:

Gem said...

A few of my suggestions:

- The blog of awesome-ness
- Good Lord that's moist (although, in hindsight, this may not be the best idea...)
- I need to get me a Roman
- Mis-spelling shower as whore
- At the end of the day...
- Never do anything you can't explain to the paramedics
- Posting fish

I am aware that some of these may not be 100% appropriate...

Lovelovelove xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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