Monday, 21 May 2012

31 days to go...

This is going to be the longest month EVER, as it's one month today until I'm off to spain for a week. Literally cannot wait, we had a bit of warm weather yesterday, and it made us realise that that's what it'll be like every day in spain, probably even warmer. Basically, I'm going to come back red as a lobster, and my boyfriend will probably look like he's changed race as he tans in even a few hours of UK sun. Unfair!! I saw on the calendar that the day before we leave is the longest day of the year. Typical. Although that's the perfect excuse just to sleep a few more hours, definitely going to have to go to bed at a reasonable time (three years of being at college, I have no idea what that means) seeing as we'll have to get up early for the flight the next day, I'll probably be running around like a child all excited. Most likely going to have to be a, knocked out with a heavy bat, or b, tranquilized.

IVs on Friday for three weeks on the lead up to it, and I'm looking forward to them in a weird way. I just want to stop coughing and stop getting exhausted from it so much. I've actually managed to go a whole 3 months without IVs this time, which is a long time for me these days, and what I used to be able to last when I was younger, i.e. healthier. Whilst I am coughing a lot, I'm quite proud that I haven't cracked and asked for IVs earlier, which I almost did after I had the cold from hell. I was doing so well, two months off IVs, and I got a stupid cold that made me feel awful and completely destroyed my chest. Luckily making sure I did all my nebs seemed to do the trick and I managed to keep myself above the low point of crawling to the hospital begging for IVs, but now, frankly, I just want the drugs! Plus I'm starting to look a bit like snoopy from being exhausted all the time...

College is almost finished too. Absolutely bricking it. No idea what I'm going to do at all, so at the moment I'm just focusing on editing my final show piece (two shots of decayed flowers taken on a 5x4 camera and printed probably about A2 or A1 sized) and then a third shot of the same shoot for the London exhibition which will be at the end of June. I'm one of the few from my course not going down to London to see it (from 25th june for two weeks at Print Space) mostly because I'm just not interested, but partly cos I'll be in spain for the beginning of it, and the opening night is the day we come home. Mostly it's the whole 'just can't be arsed' part that's stopping me however. Aside from going into college to scan my negatives and edit them, I've literally finished and have nothing to do. So yeah, terrifying.

So I'm most likely just going to spend my days doing what I do best - drinking tea on the sofa, watching How I Met Your Mother. A lot.

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Gem said...

Hahaha the bit about John changing race is so like the rest of my family and I just get paler/burn like a bitch and get major freckles.

Yay for 3 months off IVs! Countdown to Spain time begins!



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