Sunday, 19 February 2012

Catch up time

Major catch up needed and for once I'm in a writing mood! Not sure any one really reads this anymore as I've been basically AWOL for a while now but to be honest I might as well just write this for myself, at least whilst I can still remember what happened. It'll be a long one, so grab a cuppa, put your feet up and lets begin...

So... I've not really written in here properly since my end of 2011 post. I had an amazing night on new years eve, and enjoyed the day after too. January itself was good, but started off with IVs on the 6th, even if they were necessary and requested. These were for London, so I'd be at my best health (in theory) so I wouldn't be dying over everyone and managing to clear a carriage on the tube for myself. These worked... mostly. Aside from the cold I caught mid IVs. There is some tosser who gives me a cold every time, probably someone in college, they're riddled with stuff in there! But other than that January wasn't spectacularly eye catching for things that happened as far as I can remember. Average college, the odd night out at the pub, hanging out, etc. I really need to sort out my memory as I'm struggling to remember.

London... was a bit of a mixed bag. The first day was pretty good, I had a laugh, even though I spent the entire day with my note taker, the signer, and the other deaf student. That evening we went to the pub (getting drunk with the tutor cos we're classy bastards) and then, with the rest of the class, to the bar in the hostel where we were staying, cementing the fact that anyone who gets a hangover, will be suffering heavily for the next few days. The second day was awful. Lots of walking in the rain, getting soaked by a fucking car going round a corner, sitting through a photographer talking about himself like he's god's gift, arguments, fights, being told to grow up, disagreements, etc etc etc, basically this involved me gaining my shared room to myself as someone else is an immature prick/bully and I spent the rest of the day/night after this whole ordeal reading my book, eating haribo and a pasta thing from the shop around the corner.

The next day was better but didn't improve a massive way. I spent most of the day with my note taker or on my own. Luckily after an hour in the bar with one of my tutors which was boring the sweet hell out of me (and he wasn't looking too keen on the arrangement himself, grumpy sod) I saw a group of people from my course who I do get on with but don't talk to very often. I went to the pub with them, and whilst the boys watched the football, I talked to two of the girls, getting to know them quite well and wondering why I hadn't spoken to them more over the last year and a half. Anyway, this lot got tired and went to bed at half 10ish, I wasn't, so after reading my book for a couple of hours, I went back down to the hostel bar, and three other friends had just come back from Soho. We ended up staying in the bar till closing, amazingly not pissing off the bartender with our repeated ice fights (ice to the collar bone fucking HURTS!!!) and crawled back up to the fourth floor (well... stumbled to the lift) where our rooms were. Woke up at 9 to my alarm feeling like I'd only just gone to sleep but thankfully no hangover, as always. Couldn't say the same for the rest of the class, and the majority chose to get their tickets off the tutor early and take an 11am train home. I spent the day with the same said group of friends as before walking around London and taking silly amounts of photos, generally having a laugh and being able to forget about the crap parts of what had happened that week. Basically, wed night in the pub/bar and all of Thursday made it worth going, I was seriously hating London after Tuesday and wanted to leave.

I got home absolutely knackered and to my first home cooked meal in days - Love my mum for that! I had nice food in London but it's not the same as eating something from your own kitchen on the sofa. The next two nights were busy with one of my best friends having a 21st weekend, one night in town, and a fancy dress party, I've never been so tired in my life. I had so much fun though, even if my lungs suffered for it; a week later I was back on IVs after only been off them for two weeks. I had every possible thing going wrong, and then some. I'd even had a pretty nasty hemo which doesn't happen often, and it scared the sweet fuck out of me, it always does. I finish these IVs tomorrow morning, and they've done the job. I did catch a cold (a-fucking-gain!!) for a couple of days but luckily it went away before thinking of attacking my chest. For once, my luck held out.

Whilst being on IVs I've not done as much, definitely needed to slow down after drinking my liver to oblivion and back. I did have a group project all last week though at college, which was fun but stressful, and the first time I've been in every single day - the last time I did that was probably year 11/6th form sort of time, and even then it wasn't all day. It's resulted in some good photos though so that's good enough for me!

Thursday wasn't the easiest of days as it was a year since Loz passed away. She was on my mind all day, and the stars came out that night - the first time I've seen them in a while as it's usually too cloudy to see anything. It's hard to believe its been a year, and it still seems like an impossible thing to accept. I know I'll have to one day, and I'll get there. Loz has a bench in Jersey where people can sit and see the view, hopefully I'll get to see it for real one day, something me and Gem both want to do... roadtrip?! Haha!!

I'm not sure what else has gone on... now I think of it, I've not really updated this for months, so it really should be backdated and I just can't be bothered, and I'm sure if you've gotten this far you'll be grateful for that and the fact that I can't think of anything else to say... Hope everyone's okay :) xxx

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Gem said...

A road trip is definitely a plan!

I still can't believe how much of a total arse the girl you were supposed to be sharing a room with.

Oh and ice to the collar bone sounds frigging lethal! Ouch!

Loveyou xxxxxxxxx

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