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Okay, woah. This year has gone by so quickly when I look back at it. It started off shit, I'm gonna be honest. Personally I put down the entire year that I was 19 as fairly crap. There were a couple of good parts, but the bad things just seemed to outweigh the good. I'll openly admit that loosing Lauren in Feb, and then Bree in May were two of the most difficult parts of the year, and possibly the hardest things I've ever had to try and wrap my head around and accept, I did however, have Gem to help me through all this and I helped her the best I could too. Life got better by the summer, and by the time I had my 20th birthday, things were looking up by a tenfold, including managing a 3 month streak off IVs, something I hadn't been able to manage for a while now. By the by, this isn't going to be a disgusting fluffy 'full of resolutions that I'll never really accomplish' kind of post. I sort of hate it when people make resolutions that they know the…

It's nearly Christmas!

I've turned into a complete child as now it's really getting christmassy, and I've got a small pile of presents waiting for me under the tree, including some from the ever lovely Gem :D

 (I'm not sure if this'll work but its the cutest gif ever of the despicable me minions, which I love!)
I know I haven't updated in forever, but I've been busy with stuff and frankly, I have a bit of writers block going on. But I'll be writing a post for the end of the year as always, including a tonne of photos :D