Saturday, 31 December 2011


Okay, woah. This year has gone by so quickly when I look back at it. It started off shit, I'm gonna be honest. Personally I put down the entire year that I was 19 as fairly crap. There were a couple of good parts, but the bad things just seemed to outweigh the good. I'll openly admit that loosing Lauren in Feb, and then Bree in May were two of the most difficult parts of the year, and possibly the hardest things I've ever had to try and wrap my head around and accept, I did however, have Gem to help me through all this and I helped her the best I could too. Life got better by the summer, and by the time I had my 20th birthday, things were looking up by a tenfold, including managing a 3 month streak off IVs, something I hadn't been able to manage for a while now. By the by, this isn't going to be a disgusting fluffy 'full of resolutions that I'll never really accomplish' kind of post. I sort of hate it when people make resolutions that they know they won't do, especially if it's shit like 'I'm going to be a better person next year'. Face it, if you were a twat in 2011, you'll still be one in 2012.

Anyway! So much has happened. I was looking at my list once again and a lot has been ticked off, I don't know how much exactly cos my memory is shite, but things that stick out are bits like getting my 2nd (and 3rd tattoo, which is a star below my 'Breathe' on my wrist, in memory of Loz, Bree and other people we've lost), and passing my driving test that once upon a time I thought would never happen. I'll freely admit that nearly 7 months down the line I'm not the best driver, and I've had a couple of bumps, and I still haven't properly taken another attempt at parallel parking since I passed my test, but how important is that really...

I made myself a little list of things I wanted to do throughout this year. I dunno if you could call it resolutions or not. But I managed to complete the majority of it. I applied for (and got) mobiltity (and my tres sexy little red Fiat 500) I saw my friends a lot more than I used to, now I generally see them every other week or so, or whenever we can manage to whilst juggling uni/college/jobs/placements. I passed my theory and my driving test (with just 3 minors!!!!) and so far I've stayed on top of my college work. I've got two assignments due in early Jan and I'd say about 95% of that is finished too. I FINALLY did something for my birthday this year. I went to the pub for a night out with my friends (and the boys plyed me with shots at every chance they got) which was the best birthday I've had in a while, and I went for an amazing meal with my family. I learnt sign language (and proceed to teach anyone and everyone the swear words, and that's about it) and definitely had less IVs compared to last year. I think I had 4 or 5 rounds this time, which isn't too shabby for me. I've already got my next round scheduled for the 6th, but we're overlooking this. I completed the first year of my degree and started the 2nd year, despite FREAKING OUT at the beginning of it all. My weight is steady-ish. Not up to where I want it, but I'm trying. I think the only thing I didn't do was read/finish more books. My attention span is awful, so I'm gonna work on that one. Ive got a pile of books I want to read and they're sitting there all neglected on my bookshelf.

 Anyway, now I'm off to spend new years eve with a lovely boy and some amazing friends. Hope everyone has a brilliant night and a fantastic start to 2012!


Little Harriet said...

Hope you have a great 2012.


Gemma said...

Happy New Year Meg! xx

Gem said...

You helped me so much with Loz. :)

You've ticked off so much on your to-do list! Mine's got a bit stuck. I think I need to try a bit harder! haha!



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