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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.

I'm really apprehensive about Harry Potter 7 part 2 coming out. I don't mean in a "I'm a hardcore fan and I'll be gutted its over' way (although, totally true) more, b/c when the trailer first came out, Loz said that she was worried she'd not be around to see the film when it was finally released. People told her not to worry, that she'd be fine, and that she'd be around to see it.

The film is released on Friday 15th July. It'll be one day shy of the 5 month anniversary of her death.

I just can't really believe it's been that long.

I bet Bree's pretty pissed she's not here either; I know she was a lover of the books, and liked the movies too.

There is a cheerier note here however. Kirstie got her call for lungs, third time lucky and it went ahead! So far she's doing well and everybody is so pleased - she was very ill right up to the point of getting the call, and had been placed on an ECMO machine which essentially does the …

I'm still here..!

I wish I had the energy to have a job but I know that isn't happening. I mean, even if I did, it's not like I'd manage to get one anyway. They always find reasons. Besides, its not necessarily the job I want (although, yes, being kept busy and not vegging out on the sofa would be nice...) it's more the money, haha. I'm currently out of £1,200 b/c of several reasons, one being the cost of the sign language course (which, by the by, I have completed, and LOVED it! It was fun, I learnt loads, and definitely made some amazing friends) The other reasons I'm just not really putting out there, b/c I don't feel like it mainly. Let's just say I've had way too much bad luck this year. I wish I could say I went on a massive spending spree or something, but no such luck... I'm pretty much just waiting on my next student loan, which won't be till I'm back for 2nd year, and also relying on my DLA payments, which have been fucked to hell. I checked my …