Tuesday, 2 August 2011


This years zipslide is on 2nd October and I've just signed up for it :) I'm not sure how similar it'll be to last time, as last year it was off the Tyne Bridge, and this year it's off the Baltic. A very very very high building. The lift itself is practically an extreme sport as it moves so fast! I'm excited though as I love the adrenaline rush you get! I've already made a justgiving site, so feel free to post it around and in return I'll give you one internet-cookie. I'm not sure how that'll work but it's the thought that counts, right?

I know I've not blogged lately but that's b/c I've got nothing to write and partly just can't be arsed... haha! My birthday is tomorrow and I'll be the grand old age of 20. I feel old! Me and my family are going out for a meal which will be nice. And I've got an envelope of presents from Gem which I'm opening the second midnight goes, as they've been taunting me all week but I wanted to wait till my birthday. And midnight is my birthday so it counts! Seriously, I generally don't care about my birthday, but put presents in front of me and I digress into a 3 year old.

Frankly I think it's the wrapping paper.

I'm also going out on the Saturday after with my friends. We'll be going out to town and probably getting royally shitfaced, which is what normal 20 year olds do! I rarely do anything for my birthday so I'm looking forward to this and hoping it'll be an excellent night out. And then I'll have to wake up on Sunday morning and untag all the horrendous photos that crawled their way onto facebook... 

I had clinic yesterday and for once everything was good. Weight was 43.5kg (obviously the mars bar I ate before setting off paid off) and my lung function was good, I literally went purple from trying so hard and coughing so much, but I was determined to get good results. I asked for IVs before college starts in Sept (vague, but we haven't been given a specific date. Brilliant. Thanks.) so my (new, did I mention that?) dr said 1st Sept for IVs. That'll make it 3 months since my last IVs finished. Personally I think that's just pushing it a bit but if I need them closer then I'll just get them moved, as there's no point in IV-free summer if you feel crap for all of it. The (new!) Dr has said something about bringing pred down as I've been on 10mg consistently since early 2009.

Anyway, onto the explanation of the new Dr! He's been at clinic for about a year or so, I saw him once or twice if my usual Dr was busy (er, probably eating lunch and pulling his trousers up so high, a la Simon Cowell). The last couple of appointments I've seen this bloke instead, and I get on with him a hell of a lot more, and it seems he's my permanent Dr now, or at least I can hope! He actually exists in this century too - when we were talking about whats a good time for Ivs, he said get your phone out and check the calendar (and got out his touch screen too). I don't think the other Dr even HAD a mobile phone. So yeah, now clinic doesn't seem as hell-on-earth as it used to be. Yay!


Chandler said...

Glad you're liking the new doctor, glad to see you'll be doing the zip slide again this year and glad clinic was good! Oh yes... and Happy Birthday Megan!

And many moooorrrrreeee!!!!! :-)

Gem said...


That was you going down the zipslide. :D. It will be fun!!

I'm sorry to hear about Lucie too.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Megs!!! No more teeny bopping around for you!!

Enjoy your birthday dinner with family and the weekend blast.

Sorry about Lucie.


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