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2010, It's been a long year.

I think everyone had massive expectations for 2010. I know for one everyone was expecting summer to be amazing, full of days just dossing, nights out, BBQs, beaches and way much more. It got to the middle of August before I'd realised I hadn't done shit. I definitely took a LOT of photos. Completed the Saturday course (which you might not think would be too difficult, but we started as a class of 30-odd and ended as a class of about 10). I met my fair share of amazing people and complete bastards. I probably got ID'd more than some people will in their lives. The best parts, in my opinion, are the little things like finally getting that tattoo I'd wanted for so long, managing to get on the FdA course, and then strapping on a pair and getting over myself when I was freaking out about how much was really going to be expected of us over the next two years. Oh and the learning to drive thing. Considering I was always putting it off b/c of my hearing I'm happy I finally…

Driving fails and christmas-ness.

No blogging for two weeks again. I guess it's a combo of not having much to say, and not really having the time to write anything... despite the fact that I've essentially been on xmas holls since about the 8th Dec, as that was my last lesson except from the deadline on the 10th that I had. That just consisted of trekking up to college, handing in work then going alllllll the way home again, which was a bit annoying. I've actually done the majority of my college work set over the holidays out of pure boredom (and also b/c if I don't do it now, I never will. Deadlines always look a lot further away this side of xmas and new years, and the deadline for this ungodly amount of work is only the 7th Jan)

But yeah, nothings happened. I've seen friends a couple of times and had a good couple of days, but what really destroyed my mood was failing my theory test for the second time.


Really... The first time I failed the entire thing by one question (…

Rambly goodness.

I feel like blogging but I don't think I've got much to say... so we'll see.

I started IVs on Friday, talent on actually getting to the hospital earlier than my appt as we thought the roads would be a mess due to the snow but they weren't too bad. When my colistin was going through, it was almost finished so I lowered the trip a bit to eye level so I could watch the final few drips (yes, I get that bored). I started talking to my dad, and two minutes later I realised the line was backed up with blood.


Apparently it's normal, due to the pressure or something cos of when I lowered the drip. Whoops. But it's never happened to me before so it unnerved me the hell out. Not before I took a photo though... (naturally).

Oh and cos they're wise, they gave me another one of those scales to fill out. Which I ripped up to make a snowflake; I thought this was a vast improvement. When my nurse came back in and saw I'd done this, she stuck it onto the w…