Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Driving fails and christmas-ness.

No blogging for two weeks again. I guess it's a combo of not having much to say, and not really having the time to write anything... despite the fact that I've essentially been on xmas holls since about the 8th Dec, as that was my last lesson except from the deadline on the 10th that I had. That just consisted of trekking up to college, handing in work then going alllllll the way home again, which was a bit annoying. I've actually done the majority of my college work set over the holidays out of pure boredom (and also b/c if I don't do it now, I never will. Deadlines always look a lot further away this side of xmas and new years, and the deadline for this ungodly amount of work is only the 7th Jan)

But yeah, nothings happened. I've seen friends a couple of times and had a good couple of days, but what really destroyed my mood was failing my theory test for the second time.


Really... The first time I failed the entire thing by one question (I got 42 out of 50, when the pass mark is 43) and passed the hazard perception fine. The second time I got 41 out of 50, and again, passed the hazard perception part without a problem. Someone hates me. Now I'm out of £60, loosing the will to even bother b/c I do actually try, I know what different road signs mean, stupid bullshit like tyre tread depths and all sorts of crap like that, and I still get asked the most retarded questions I've never come across before, and they're just there to confuse you. I want to pass my test so badly and I can't even seem to do this stupid bit. I know I'm hardly gonna be taking my full drivers test next week or something, but god, my confidence just shreds itself up when I can't get those stupid questions right. The even sadder thing is that the bloke at the test centre remembered me b/c he had to give me script for the hazard perception bit the first time as I can't use the headphones. That's pretty ridiculous.

More to the point, if I ever manage to pass my test this side of the century, I don't have a car and hardly have the cash for insurance, bucket loads of fuel, tax, etc etc. And I don't get motability so I don't get the joy of a car with that. The thing that fucks me off is that there's people (actually, CFers) who are healthier than me, can walk further than me without feeling like death and they have a motability car. And they can't even drive... I hate things sometimes. If you want to say sorry for having shit lungs and not being able to walk up the hill to your own house, yes, a car would do nicely thank you.

Obviously I'm pissed off about this. I don't even care any more. I just wanted to be able to pass my test so I can eventually get a car and stop taking those stupid taxi's to college, seeing as they fuck up and make me wait ages, or the account gets wiped clean and no taxi turns up, thus me being late and getting flack for it. The worst one was when college was closed early due to the snow, I texted the woman who changes the taxi and she said there would be one ready to take me home for 2pm. I waited. And waited. And waited. In the freezing cold entrance, and had an argument with the security guy who wanted to lock all the doors and I refused to leave and stand out in the artic conditions (not that the entrance was any warmer but it helped a minuscule amount.) Anyway, the taxi didn't turn up till 2.50pm. I was so fucking pissed off at that point. Those taxis are beyond shit sometimes.

I finished my IVs on the 16th so I was able to go out with my friends on Monday night. It was freezing but I'm pretty sure the drink warmed us up. Either that or you're just enjoying yourself too much to care that it was about -9*.

For the record, yes I did have my theory test the next morning but it wasn't till the afternoon and I don't get hangovers. I just felt really knackered by Tuesday night. My theory was that if I didn't pass when I was perfectly fine, then I can't do much worse after a night out. And to be honest I didn't do much different so... you win some, you loose some. And you apparently get some really fucked up retarded questions when you loose.

But ah... I'll shut up about my driving fails now. As nothing else has happened I think I'll wrap up this crazy ramble now (ooh that reminds me, I still need to wrap up presents..)


Gem said...

My friend failed her theory 5 times before she finally passed. The questions are just so bloody confusing sometimes and I swear they go out to fail you! Idiots! Next time you will pass!! :D Either that or I'll come up there and give the computer a good beating!!!

P.S. I've just watched my cat powerslide on the ice!! We have a massive lump of ice outside the backdoor, I let him in and he full on slid over... HA!


Sophie-Anne said...

Noooooo :(
Keep going with it! The questions are shit but it will all be worth it in the end!! Yay for getting your work done u can forget about it until the new year xx

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