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From the other side.

People love to judge those on benefits. If there's nothing visibly wrong with you, you're branded a scrounger, and people look down their noses at you. Park in a disabled bay and get out without a wheelchair or massive limp, and you're stared and tutted at. It doesn't help with all the programmes on tv lately where it shows people on various benefits, proud of what they get from the government rather than working to earn a decent wage. And tonnes of newspaper articles that show families being given more than enough to live on, and being given huge houses with several bedrooms, and enough money to buy their children designer brands. And you also get the benefit frauds who lie about illnesses and injuries in order to get disability benefits just because they don't want to work. This all means that people with real illnesses, especially the 'invisible' kind, in which CF largely is, severely struggle to get what they deserve. 

Even before the new guidelines wi…

Trials and (BUPA) tribulations

The lastest is... I'm on IVs. As if that's news. I never seem to be off them lately. That said, the sight of a gripper needle and the first lot being drawn up was pretty damn satisfying, after needing these ones for a few weeks, and having to wait.

I don't usually wait - my team are very quick on the ball. If you phone up feeling shit, they can usually get you a quick appointment with the dr that day (if its early) or within the next two. And if you really, really need to start IVs, and can't wait, they're happy to start them there and then, just so you don't have to wait even longer. The difference this time, is that I wanted to go on a medical trial. I don't know how much I'm allowed to say about it (I am allowed to say I'm on the trial and such, I think its more specific things such as whether or not I believe I'm taking the actual drug, the placebo, or if I think I feel good/crap because of it) so I will have to watch what I say, we can'…