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Slight blip, admission, and back to normality

I had a week enjoying the delights of hotel NHS last week. I was admitted on Thurs 13th June and got home on the following Thursday.

Basically, the IVs of which I'd tried hard to persuade the dr that I needed a change of, didn't do the trick. When I started them, we kept one of my usual, colistin, and changed ceftaz, which I'd been using almost constantly for every dose of IVs, for 15 years, and switched it with Tazcocin. Now, I was kind of hoping this would kick my lungs into shape. Especially as it'd been a mere 3 weeks since my previous IVs and it was really starting to take the piss (insert ironic ceftaz piss related joke here). But with how quickly the cold I caught had wrecked havoc, I genuinely couldn't have even waited till my next clinic appointment. So IVs were started and I waited for the IV goodness to hit.

And waited.

And waited.

And instead of feeling better, I felt worse. pleurisy came back with a vengeance on some days, the hemos decided to join the…

Because frankly, I need a good old rant

So, last IVs, lasted for 3 weeks (and weren't actually that necessary in the end. I'd asked for a further week due to still feeling run down, and that was actually due to the anaemia). My chest did feel better though, and the iron tablets have helped my energy levels go back up to normal, and I no longer look like I've had frequent meetings with various doors/walls/cupboards... you know, the usual stuff I bump into daily.

I think we all know what comes next. I caught a cold. The unfortunate part of having a younger sister, is having a younger sister who's still in school, and who likes to bring back all the manky germs that those little spawns of Satan enjoy to harbour. I tried my hardest not to catch the cold. And when I did, I tried my hardest to get rid of it. I did manage; it was gone within 3-4 days. Unfortunately it was a quick mover and I already had the dry tickly cough, which soon turned into the nasty chesty cough. It's awful having the dry cough, as it&#…