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Chicago, and a catch up

I've been determined to write this post for a while, which is the same story with any post I write, but the problem being is that I leave it so long between posts that I end up writing a mammoth novel that holds no ones attention by the end. My last post being nearly 2 months ago, a few things have happened. The first being, that I'm not actually diabetic! Feel free to jump about and throw children in the air in celebration of me not having to constantly stab myself with insulin, cos that's how I felt. It's not all perfect - I'm sure I'm borderline, and since being told I was potentially diabetic (and scaring the shit out of me in the process, as I'm sure you'd be able to pick up from the last blog) I've been given the order to occasionally check my sugars 2 hours after my biggest meal of the day, but only once a week on random days until I go back to clinic with my taking-the-piss-so-far perfect numbers.

Fuck, that better not be a jinx.

Anyway, the…