The loves.

I wrote something like this a long long time ago. I was probably about 14, so naturally, it feels like forever. But I know that it never failed to cheer me up on a crappy day, no matter how cliché it is, to just read the list.

Here it goes.

What I love ♥

Hot chocolate, my friends and family, trampolining like an idiot, smiling 'just because', 'LOST', secret smiles for THAT guy, shopping, movies, classic girly nights, cinema mishes, skipping for the hell of it, being a kid, having too much fun, laughing till my sides hurt, being an idiot, my sarcasm, secrets, summer + cold drinks + the beach + water fights, winter + snowmen + snowball fights + sledging, snow, muffins + cookies, stupid nicknames, inside jokes, playing dizzy ducklings, warm cups of tea, being tickled, when a guy gives you his jacket, laughing for completely no reason, listening to good songs, or a song you haven't heard in forever, long chats with one person, stupid jokes, my bed, people playing with my hair, having my arm/back/leg tickled, weekends, long lie ins, taking photos, old photos + photo albums, sunbathing, memories, 'remember when...', cute, sweet and funny guys, holidays, new years, watching the clouds or stars, epic moments, fireworks, not having a care in the world, road trips, favourite tv shows and films, piggybacks, being carried by people, staying up all night, deep conversations, ben + jerry's ice cream, going out in the rain and getting drenched, Nero mishes back in the day, when 'you had to be there', wearing someone else's hoodie, being randomly kissed by the guy I like, when I switch on my iPod and nothing else matters, long car rides and just talking shit the whole way, skiving lessons to go down to tescos, gigs, sitting in front of a fire outside, camp outs, when you realise how amazing your friends really are cus they're there no matter what, drunken giggling, staying up talking till 6am after a party, people who can set me off laughing with just half a glance, being completely childish with glowsticks, imitating ducks and looking like an idiot, down by the river in the summer, driving with all the windows down on a hot day, nights out in spoons, when you just can't stop laughing for ages, waking up to texts, leaving rambly voicemails, long rambly emails, listening to the rain, bbqs, seeing people you haven't for ages and acting like no time has passed, climbing trees, adrenaline rushes, when you catch him looking at you, playing on the swings, facebook addiction, being randomly picked up, photoshopping the hell out of stuff, driving, roller coasters, pretending (and failing) to be stealthy, three day weekends, black and white photos, the morning after the night before, when friends let you bitch about the same old thing for the 100th time just b/c they know it bugs you *that much*, actually having the guts to tell someone I love them, taking the piss out of accents, yelling 'Looser Cruiser!' at people carriers, knowing someone so well you know what they're thinking with half a look, watching MTV all day and all your favourite songs seem to play, people who can make me smile even when I don't feel like it, when you catch him looking at you and he thinks you don't know, knowing someone cares, unexpected kindness, random dancing, unexpected nights out, when the cute guy asks you to dance, lomography, photoshoots, when someone compliments a photo I've taken, movie nights, when someone loves the present you gave them, days alone together, silly chats at 3am when you can't sleep, friends who have no subject boundaries and will talk about anything, making new friends and its like you've known them for years, macro photos, brokeh, miranda, date nights, arcades, autocorrect ♥