Excuse me while I get slightly political

I'm not usually political. I keep it off the blog and i try not to get into debates with people on social media and in public, but you'll have to excuse me this once.

There is a general election this June, and everyone who is anyone needs to register. It's so easy!
https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote  <--- do="" here="" it="" p="">
If you're not sure who to vote for, have a google, read some impartial stuff if you can find it (personally I'd say avoid the general media as they seem to be living in the tories pockets...) and make a choice.

Just please don't vote Tory!

My reasons are focusing on just a couple of the many many issues that the PM has to deal with. But these issues are the ones that are closest to me, and the ones that will affect my friends too.

The first one being the NHS - please don't let the Tories privatise it! I've known people in the USA with CF or other conditions. I've seen how they go without meds because they can't afford them or their insurance won't give them anymore. I've seen those go without electricity or other basics as they have to pay so much. I've seen so many people have to fundraise to pay for their medical bills. I love our NHS. Its not perfect, but its free, which means that those of us with a chronic condition don't have to shit ourselves if we have a hospital admission or have to hope a medication will be approved by their insurance. Parents don't have to worry that they wont be able to afford their child's medical bills should they have them. I know for a fact I wouldn't be able to pay towards anything in terms of health care right now.

Secondly, disability benefits (or disability rights in general which just seem to vanish these days...). They got rid of DLA, and changed it with PIP. Thousands of people didn't get PIP because a clueless person looked at them for an hour and decided they had no problems at all in any part of their life despite their illness or disability. I worry every day when the post comes, thinking the brown envelope will drop on my doormat. I worry that I'll lose my DLA that i use as my only income, and my car which is my only way of getting to hospital appointments or even to the shops. I no longer get ESA, but they changed that too. I don't know what else they changed but nothing could have been positive.

These cuts have resulted in deaths. That is plain and simple. And that is all you really need to know. Anyone who could continue to vote tory after knowing the heartless decisions they've made, and care as little as they do, really needs to rethink their priorities  


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