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To work or not to work

Once again I'm sitting here wondering the viability of trying to work. Despite the obvious, being more ill than you look, I still feel lazy for not working. It's silly though; I have no idea if I'd cope. I'd have to make sure I have enough time to do the things I do now, like cooking, doing the washing and tidying etc and even though it really takes it out of me to do those things, I find myself wishing I had a job too. The main worry is that it'd take a toll on my health. The last time I worked, it was a crappy job cleaning cottages, in hindsight it was a poor choice. Maybe I would have coped better with a job that didn't involve being on my feet all day, carrying heavy things like massive hoovers, trying (and failing) to make beds (which, I swear, is the single most exhausting thing. It's so bloody difficult!) and also not standing in a freezing room folding sheets still damp from the washing machine.

The funny thing is though, which I've probably men…