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The first blog I ever read.

When I was 17, I read an article which contained an excerpt of and it was genuinely the funniest, wittiest, interesting blog that I'd ever come across. Not that I'd read many back then, but now, 4 or so years later, it still ranks high in blogs I'd look forward to for the next post.

This was actually the blog that encouraged me to start my own. I had no idea what to write, but it seemed like a good way to vent about everything CF, publicly posting it and seeing who it reaches, which has for me, given me some of the best friends I've known who've contacted me and we've struck up a friendship because of comments of emails that originated because of our blogs.

Admittedly, it doesn't seem to fit with the other blogs I usually read, which are written by CFers, or similar, whatever the content. This blog, written by Lisa Lynch, was about her journey through breast cancer, which at first was just to keep her family and friends updated on th…