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I know a lot of people who get graze boxes, usually once a week or so. And because I actually like healthy things (even though I barely scrape past what you could consider a 'healthy diet', cos I'm sure poptarts for breakfast isn't on that list) I decided to try this out - So I used a code from a friend, and ordered my first graze box, for free (and we always like free things). If I hadn't used a code, I would have only gotten my first box half price. My box came in the post yesterday, and yes, I know the idea is to eat it throughout the day, as small snacks, but I may have sort of demolished about 3/4 of it in 10 minutes. It was the flapjacks and the thai cracker things with sweet chilli dip that got me. I cannot for the life of me eat spicy things without being a wimp. But it doesn't stop me. My limit of spice is usually say... a korma. So sweet chilli dip sets my mouth on fire. Didn't really give much of a shit mind you, it was sooooo good!

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