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Pleurisy fun

Random urge to write a post even though no one reads this anymore!

Hmm... heath wise, I'm okay. Pleurisy decided to visit me the other week, and it wasn't a particularly nice visit - it started on night, and I presumed that it was just general lung pain probably due to exhaustion or something, so I tried to sleep it off and hoped it'd be gone in the morning. It so wasn't, it was worse than usual and I could barely walk at all for the pain at some points. As it didn't let up I ended up going to clinic a couple of days later to get it sorted. They faffed about with the usual xray to check for a pneumothorax, even though I knew it wasn't that (but it's best to have one anyway to be on the safe side) and thankfully the xray came back with no evidence of one, but showing signs of pleurisy, so back onto 30mg pred for a few days to sort it out.

30mg had the bonus of increasing my appetite, and as I hadn't been eating much, this was the bump I needed, and after…