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A lot of things can change in a year.

Thank you for all the comments I got on the previous post. At least I'm not the only one who feels like that. Truth be told it's a daily feeling but time just came to snap and write it all down. I was in a bit of a bitchy mood so I'm glad everyone didn't just tell me to get lost and wallow in my pissed off hole! I wouldn't blame you if you did though!

Anyway, as I was saying... A lot of things can change in a year, and its funny how they can be both sudden and gradual. I went on a walk with my cousin today, attempting to take the same route we took last year to get to Bluebell Woods. It's massive, and everything looks the same, but we were aiming to find a clearing full of bluebells so we could take loads of photos.

Didn't *quite* go to plan, considering we got beyond epically lost. The only down side to the day was the fact that I was so exhausted. Last year I didn't have much of a problem walking that far, sometimes I felt so well and could walk so fa…

3am rambles.

Okay soooo bit of a pre-warning thing. It's probably a bad idea for me to be blogging due to a, the mood/mindset I’m in right now and b, the time, cos I just tend to stop making sense after a certain amount of time even if I don’t feel tired (it’s currently 3am). I’m really pissed off and need to write this down and get it out. I’ll probably piss myself off more by sounding like a prick and end up deleting this entry or something but I don’t even care right now.

At the moment I’m just angry cos I feel like I’m the one that no one bothers with. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who are absolutely amazing and the best friends I could ask for but silly things like distance and cross infection get in the way (tbh mostly distance if I’m honest. I know cross infection does exist but it hasn’t stopped me from meeting people and having a laugh – you just have to have common sense about certain things). Hmm, tangent much? Yeah anyway, the people who do live near me, in al…


^^^ inventive title of the century here...

I realised after I published my previous post that I never mentioned how clinic went on Monday. Annnnd my weight went up almost 2kg in 6 weeks :D

I think it had something to do with drinking both a fortijuice, an enshake, and having my lunch, a packet of crisps and basically everything chocolately in the house within the space of three hours before my appointment. But it worked, and now I've got the task of doing that every time I'm off to hospital to make sure that it stays up. My weight has been around 42kg for a bit now which is taking the absolute piss, cos when I had my PEG in, about 2 1/2 years ago I made a deal with the dietitian that if I got from my current weight (about 42kg back then too I think) to at least 44kg within a few clinic appts she'd let me have my PEG taken out. And tbh I was determined to do it cos I hadn't actually used the thing for at least a year. So when I got my weight up to the highest it's …

Bad blogger.

Yeah okay I suck. I've got nothing to write about therefore I just... don't. I wouldn't say life is all that thrilling in anyway, even more so lately. But there are some good things, first off being that I applied for motability, qualified for it and now I'm getting a red Fiat 500 in exchange for the higher rate motability allowance :D Wahey, I have to admit I'm erm... totallyfuckingexcited?!

Okay so yeah I haven't passed my test yet, I've only just found a new instructor and she's ace. She has a second mirror for me that she places so I can see her face, so I can basically lipread through the mirror rather than completely taking my eyes off the road to see her face. I'm way more comfy in this car (ford fiesta) compared to what I was learning in before, a suzuki swift, so yay! But in all honesty I wouldn't choose the fiesta for my own car b/c of one main reason - moving the seat close enough to be able to actually use the foot pedals brings me s…