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Too excited!

London, Baby!!!
So, it's Sunday night, and I have to be up at 7am, possibly earlier, to make sure I'm actually awake and have everything I need, and get the taxi at 8ish, up to Newcastle train station. I'm gonna go nutso with my camera, my Dad has gotten me a new memory card for it so I can seriously take too many photos, and I'll post as many as I can when I get back. I'll have to work out some way to put loads of photos on here without making the page impossible to load. I'm thinking some sort of slidehow thing.

I'm beyond excited. Waaaaaaaaaay too excited. The 3 hour train ride will probably seem to take eons, but it'll definatley be worth it. In the mean time, I'll have to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the millionth time.
[Me, on the way to our yr 13 prom!]

Not sure what to think...

Erm, what?!

I just got this email, from a random stranger. It was from some sort of e-card thing, with this message attached:

Meg: Have you been treated by a Psychiatrist? You seem to need one badly. Not only your writing on your websites shows you are a big baby, but you are a bit (maybe a lot) whacky, and too self righteous. I think you have more than what was that? CF? Consider dropping a visit to a pschiatrist, you might benefit from it. I am sorry you have this illness, but consider it urgent to get emotional help. It's only for your mental sake. After reading all you have writen online. specially4u
Hope you'll like it!


I don't know what to think when I read this. And for your information, I don't see a psychiatrist. And I don't feel the need to see one as I have this blog to vent through. Yeah, that's one of the whole main ideas for me creating this blog. (A second reason is to connect with other CFers and other wonderful people.)

I clicked on the link tha…

And a cough cough here...

So, coughing fits.


I'm sure everyone has been through this. The moment when you're happily in the middle of public, minding your own, then all of a sudden, it happens. The kind of coughing fit that your lungs seem to squirrel away and keep for the moment you're surrounded by people, on a bus, at a party, or in the middle of a school assembly *scowls*. I don't know what causes these, and I've asked myself countless times why these coughing fits have to be in the middle of public. Although that's because you're aware you're having a coughing fit, and everyone is staring at you whilst your face goes beetroot, and you're trying to cough into your handbag/sleeve/whatever you can get your hands on. I suppose I probably do have coughing fits in the privacy of my own home, but I don't really notice them, and to be honest, I usually call them physio.

They tend to be worse in public because you try and stop it. But seriously, it could be easier to st…

That grated feeling.

I've been running. A lot. Yesterday I took about 15 minutes, but this was mainly because I walked half the way - I've been getting these really horrible stitches on my right side near my hip, which start up the second I begin running. So I stop and sit for a second, or walk instead, and the second I start up running again, ARGH, pain in my side. I don't know what the hell is with this thing - its from last year, when this supposed stomach muscle hulked out and pretended to be a hernia, most likely from my non-stop coughing sessions, but I thought that it would have gone away by now. It does get bad when my coughing is bad, and usually goes away for a while after I've been on IVs, but then it comes back, practically expecting a welcome home party, and all I can do is grumble that I want the damn thing to leave me alone. Its definitely not a hernia according to my doc, so there's no quick fix with surgery or anything. Not that any surgery is quick with me. I end up b…